Steve Mello


Assistant Professor
Dartmouth College
mello [AT] dartmouth [DOT] edu
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I am an assistant professor of economics at Dartmouth College. My research interests are in public and labor economics.

Working Papers

Fines and financial wellbeing
Under review
Old version

Does the punishment fit the crime? Speeding fines and driver behavior
with Felipe Goncalves
Update coming soon

Published Papers

A few bad apples? Racial bias in policing
with Felipe Goncalves
American Economic Review, forthcoming, May 2021.
Pre-publication version | Replication Package

More COPS, less crime
Journal of Public Economics 172: 174-200, April 2019.
Pre-publication version | Replication Package

Work in Progress

Socioeconomic consequences of driver license suspensions

Police Training and Racial Bias
with Matthew Ross and Stephen Ross